Kamil Foltan – An Inside Look

Kamil Foltan, The Insiders new Program Director.

As an exclusive group that celebrates the best of what life has to offer, it is only understandable that the people working behind the scenes are as celebrated and renowned as its market. At this juncture, let us welcome Kamil Foltan – entrepreneur, creative consultant, bartender, and most especially, The Insiders’ new Program Director.

A native of Czech Republic, his childhood was filled with memories of playing behind the bar as his father went about tending his job as a waiter. This brought up his interest in the service industry and making clients happy, leading up to his expertise in bartending.

With his 15 years of experience in bartending, he believes in the idea of simplicity, complexity and interesting combinations. Having been able to work in various cities, such as Prague, Dublin, London, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore under the mentorship of renowned mixologists Tony Conigliaro, Zdenek Kastanek, Ryan Clift and Dre Masso, he is never short of experience and insight in the business.

He was previously a part of the Potato Head Group management team, where he assisted in various beverage programs across Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is also the founder of the website The Indigenous Bartender, a haven for fellow bartenders like himself to explore the wonderful world of locally sourced ingredients. Both ventures showcase his love for the F&B industry, which makes him a suitable choice for The Insiders.

On his downtime, he invests his time on his family and traveling. He sees the importance of family time and exploring the world while he can, taking in different experiences to learn new things along the way. All these help in his career – from crafting unique drinks to creating a service unforgettable and unparalleled anywhere.

“Expect the unexpected” is the only thing he answers when asked about his game plan for The Insiders. He looks forward to working on various events over the upcoming months and he hopes everyone is as excited as he is for what is to come.

Vítejte, Kamil! The Insiders is excited to have you on board, and we await what you have in store for us.

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