Get on the Inside with The Insiders

Most often than not people live their lives unexceptionally, keeping their days busy and missing the most important moments of their lives.  We’re living in the future, where everything is fast and where time is a blur.  We need to slow down and look at the neon signs  for we were meant to meet awesome people and share the most amazing experiences with them.

Welcome The Insiders, an exclusive community of thought leaders from different industries across Southeast Asia who have access to an impressive list of curated experiences and a network of like-minded people. Like minded in “living life to the fullest”.

Echochannels Group CEO and The Insiders Founder Stephen Ku

Echochannels Singapore Country Director and The Insiders Founder Jonathan Chew 

The brainchild of events and marketing guru Stephen Ku (who’s had 22 years of experience in the fields of travel, nightlife, F&B and experiential marketing), together with Singapore serial entrepreneur and venture builder Jonathan Chew, The Insiders was launched last August 2 at the new Kilo Lounge.  Invited were a select group of influencers from various industries that included marketing, finance, fashion, media and tech. They were handpicked as pioneers Insiders to set the tone for future community members.  Although membership is free,  Insiders need to be invited by other Insiders.

HSBC Senior Vice President, Pearline Soh (right) and HSBC VISA Infinite lucky draw winner

Collaborating with strategic partner HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card enhanced the experience further as they gave special perks to Insiders who signed up that evening.   HSBC shares the same vision of The Insiders and encourages its customers to experience the extraordinary.

The Insiders experiences are aimed at breaking away from your typical life events.  With a sense of exclusivity from start to end, and with four pillars as their main driving force – Gastronomy, Business, Travel and Social – the event gave the pioneer Insiders a glimpse of what was to expect upon getting on the inside.  From flight experiences where members get to fly planes, to culinary classes with Master Chefs to VIP experiences in the hottest events & concerts, the list of experiences they offer goes on and on.   A list that seemingly reminds you of that bucket list you never had.

The Insiders App Activation

The Insiders App was also unveiled which serves as the centerpiece of the community.  Through the app, Insiders can book for upcoming events prepared for them, crowdsource future activities, and invite friends and colleagues to get on the INSIDE.  A special feature of the app enabled guests to interact with each other the whole night for a chance to win special prizes from all the partners.

Dalmore Whisky as the drink of the night.

Owens Sun starting the party

Dalmore Whisky was the drink choice for the whole evening as the night ended on a high note with sets from veteran DJs Owens Sun and David Jacob who are the epitome of Insiders, corporate heavy weights by day but living their passions for music at night. With the promise of endless possibilities and experiences, the doors are finally open. Are you ready to get on the inside?

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