Getting On The Inside with Owens Sun and David Jacob

To live life to the fullest is to make sure that one’s passion is never left behind work and business. As a first of many features of different members of our community, meet two men who embody the Insiders’ lifestyle. Both are captains of industries by day and phenomenal DJs by night.

Based in Singapore for 9 years, Owens Sun is a money broker by day, negotiating between financial institutions particularly on Asian currencies, and a top House and Techno spin doctor by night.

A regular resident DJ and promoter at TIME (the most popular underground club in Manila), he previously played for the Philippine’s most popular clubs Embassy Superclub and Republiq. The best part about the DJ lifestyle, he shares, is “being able to play the music he loves and share it with everyone”. Though he admits that the fatigue that sets in after is the worst part, music is his life.

Not content with just being a top money broker at the TP-ICAP Group, he focuses his energy on his growing business – The Back Alley Barber Shop, a chain of traditional barbershops in Manila offering a refined experience for guys who value a curated grooming from fellow gents. They also offer fresh brews and craft beer, heightened by musical choices ranging from jazz, blues, to house. All this while being a dad and a husband to a loving family.


David Jacob’s background is impressive. Having worked all over the world, ranging from New York, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, he is now the Regional CEO of Marsh Asia, and lives in Singapore with his wife and three kids. He also has a Business Administration degree from the University of Arizona.

A native of New York City, this is where he discovered his love for house music and DJing and considers this his favorite city because of its energy and diversity. He transferred to Hong Kong and became a resident at legendary clubs Drop & Kee Club until he moved to Singapore. One of his biggest milestones as an artist was being one of the few Asians in the early 2000s to play in Ibiza. All this while being the head of one of the biggest financial services firms in Asia. He considers DJing side as his alter ego, though he admits doing it less frequently now due to his hectic work and travel schedule.

“My day job comes with a lot of accountability and responsibility being a listed company,” Jacob explains. “DJing gives me more freedom of expression and allows more creativity and experimentation.”

When asked about his spare time, he mentions enjoying it at home with his family where they do their own DJ sessions. “There’s never a dull moment at home,” he shares. “They all love my music.”


There is a fine line between being successful and being happy, and these outstanding gentlemen happily walk it on a daily basis. They showcase the best parts of living life and not letting their day jobs get in the way of their passion and creativity. Want the same for yourself? Time to #GetOnTheInside!

Catch Owens Sun and David Jacob at the launch of The Insiders at Kilo Lounge

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters as compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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